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Are you a water waster or a water saver? Come learn about the state of the drought in California and how you, your family and school can do their part to conserve every drop!

A Drop in the Bucket uses hands-on learning activities to help students learn about local, regional and global water issues. Students learn about the water cycle, water sources in Southern California and how their own behavior impacts water quality and availability. At the conclusion of the program, students and teachers take away new ideas about how they can conserve water at home and at school. A Drop in the Bucket is engaging, interactive, energetic and fun!


The mission of the Wildwoods Foundation is to equip the children, families, and educators of Los Angeles to practice the principles of ecoliteracy in creating sustainable, harmonious communities.

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The link above includes activities for home and school water water audits that can be done after the field trip. Students can learn about their own water consumption habits and plan reduction strategies based on what they find.

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